Joy Unlimited - Single Issue Support

Sometimes an organisation needs to make a decision on a specific issue. For example, I worked with an organisation where we needed to decide around a governance issue. What was the best governance structure? Were we going to limit it to a certain group or were we going to broaden it out?


With some issues you can talk around it for a long time and experience inertia because you can't find common ground, but there are ways of steering the conversation in order to reach a decision.

What problem does it solve?


How does it work?

The way to break out of a back-and-forth struggle is to change how you structure a conversation and how you take people through a process. That’s where I come in. As an ‘outsider’ to your team I can bring in a new perspective, guide the conversation and take people through the process of reaching a decision.


How does it help?

Having an external person in place really helps to identify the way forward on a particular issue, as well as reveal the right way forward through a structured conversation.

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