Who are you?

I'm Joy Kent, and I'm the founding director of Joy Unlimited.


What is Joy Unlimited?

Joy Unlimited is a company I set up to help organisations find and maintain their positive outlook for the work that they do. In this day and age it's incredibly difficult to keep that focus and positivity, and yet it's exactly that which will help organisations be successful - that’s where I can help.


Why do organisations with issues need your expertise & help?

My work helps organisations of all sizes, in all industries, but I’m particularly interested in organisations that are there to help other people. Those in the public sector, third sector and government, where there's a social purpose to what you're trying to do.

Wherever you're trying to get a positive outcome for other people - whether that's communities, the general public or individuals - it's crucial that you have a positive attitude towards your ability to actually do that work.

You may well come into work with that attitude, but actually maintaining the belief that you can make a positive impact in such a challenging world is not necessarily easy to do on your own. That’s why we all need a little bit of help to maintain that belief.


What is your experience?

I began as a teacher before moving into housing policy and later social policy. Early in my career, I worked in Welsh government, local government and then as the director of Cymorth Cymru - an umbrella organisation for housing, homelessness, equality and social care in Wales.

I later moved to Chwarae Teg, which was the lead organisation for gender equality and employment in Wales. I realised from working there that what I wanted to do was about social purpose and making a difference, but it was also very much about helping organisations and individuals reach their potential.

What I hope Joy Unlimited will do is work with people, help them find that potential and then set them free to fly on their own.

Being able to work with people, I see them grow. Now I watch them and they’re doing amazing things.
I just love that. I just really, really, love that.

Get more positive

Want to know how to make positive changes to become more productive, how to build on your businesses strengths or better motivate employees? Get in touch and I can help you figure out the best ways to make your organisation work better.