The Joy Unlimited Story

Joy Unlimited - My Story

I founded Joy Unlimited to give people the positive push they need to reach their full potential. I wanted to do this not just because of my professional experiences but also because of my personal ones. 

When you're trying to engage a workforce the best way to do it is by using the head, heart and pocket. I think positive psychology and its approaches to management hit all these points and help create a positive influence.

I’ve also found that personal stories can be just as effective. I’ve happily shared some of my past in my public speaking and previous talks. I’ve talked about I’ve been homeless in my life, and that I had a lot of responsibility and problems to face when I was young. I don’t mind saying that I wanted to go to university, but it was never on the cards. 

I don’t believe I ended up as a top executive because I'm especially different. I think that's luck, meeting different people and taking different opportunities. I wanted and believed that things could be better for myself and knew that my past didn’t have to define my future. 


Now, armed with all this knowledge, I love helping other people reach their potential. I feel like, because of my life experiences, I qualify to help them do that. That’s what led me to set up Joy Unlimited.

What I hope Joy Unlimited will do is work with people, help them find that potential and then set them free to fly on their own.

Joy Unlimited

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