Creating a positive workplace can be more difficult than it sounds, and knowing where to start can be the first hurdle.

Thankfully I've been able to use my personal experiences as a Chief Executive, backed up with a wealth of research, to develop four Essential Elements that will help you make the most of positivity and its power. These elements cover everything from changing the way organisations tackle problems, to saying a simple 'thank you'.  

The Building Blocks Of Motivation

Think that money and hierarchy is the only way to motivate people? Recent research shows that being given opportunities to improve and feeling valued can be just as important for motivating a workforce.

Performance Maximisation

Throw out everything you think you know about 'performance reviews'. Forget the parent/child dynamic and the focus on the negatives, and replace it with a positive Performance Maximisation session.

The Magic Of Gratitude

Words can be powerful. Words like ‘thank you’ can even make an organisation more productive. The challenge is in weaving a gratitude attitude into your workplace culture. 

Problem Talk To Solution Talk

When faced with a problem it's natural to focus on it to try and find a solution, but what if this is the wrong approach? Better solutions can be found in exploring strengths, rather than dissecting weaknesses.