Whether you have a problem that needs solving, want some personal mentorship to help your professional growth or need a complete company-wide culture shift - I can help.

I provide a variety of positivity-powered services that can help make you and your organisation more successful. If you want to discuss any of my services then simply get in touch.


Board sessions

In organisations, culture starts with the board. Board sessions can help deal with specific issues or decisions the board needs to make, as well as addressing their attitudes with the aim of creating a positive model of behaviour for the rest of the organisation to absorb.


full day introduction workshops

Tackling all four of the Essential Elements of a positive workforce. These workshops will teach you techniques for the Magic Of Gratitude, Turning Problem Talk Into Solution Talk, Performance Maximisation and the Building Blocks Of Motivation.



I offer both one-to-one mentoring - where I can help individuals find, focus and build on their strengths - and team development mentoring. Great for old teams facing particular problems or new teams that you want to start working together from a strong and positive place.


half day taster workshops

Half day taster workshops link back to the Essential Elements of a positive workforce. The taster sessions are designed to give you and your team a few techniques and ideas you can adopt to make a positive change. 


staff conference taster sessions

These sessions are an introduction to what positivity can achieve. They take a look at how to create a change, providing ideas and techniques, but also looks at the bigger picture to see what you need to work on in order to thrive. 


single issue

Struggling to reach a decision on a specific issue? Keep going back on forth on the same points? Sometime you need an outsider to come in and help you identify the best way forward. I can help steer the conversation and the decision making process.


public speaking

Find out about the theory of positivity and why you should make it a part of your organisation in a talk to your entire team, or just a select few. These talks aim to inspire change and get you thinking about how to implement positivity in the workplace.


organisation review & Support

Every now and then it’s good to take a step back and see if your organisation's aims, approaches and systems are working at their best. An organisation review can highlight what to change to make a better working business.