Joy Unlimited - One-to-one Mentoring

One-to-one Mentoring

In one-to-one mentoring, I help people find or maintain their ‘optimum delivery’.


What problem does it solve?

Culturally, we have a widespread belief that criticism leads to better outcomes. This isn’t necessarily true, but you can’t just tell everybody they’re wonderful when they’re not either. What’s important is that you recognise what you’re really good at it and that’s what I can help with.


How does it work?

I will help you identify your strengths and develop them. By building on you strengths, we can then approach what you’re not so good at from a positive angle.


How does it help?

You’ve already proved you have the skills to be successful now it’s just about replicating that in other areas and one-to-one mentoring can help that.


Team Development Mentoring

Great for new and old teams, Team Development Mentoring can help your employees or colleagues work through core problems and be more positive.



If you think your team has issues - perhaps they’re arguing, unable to agree or perhaps there are deep-rooted problems in trust or responsibility - then you already know there’s a problem. The next step is to fix it.

Alternatively, a new team might appear a little wobbly. Whether it’s a team dealing with new leadership or a whole new group of employees, getting the right culture in place at the start is invaluable. Team Development Mentoring can make that happen.



Through Team Development Mentoring, I can help your employees or colleagues work through the core of those problems, so that positivity can be reintroduced to the workplace and things like trust and respect can return.



Dealing with problems, rebuilding trust and revamping their thinking can help make a team stronger. Whether it’s fixing serious issues or simply make a good team even better, Team Development Mentoring can make better teams and result in better teamwork.

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