Joy Unlimited - Full Day Introduction Workshops

A full day introduction workshop is for understanding and utilising all the Essential Elements of a positive workplace.


What problem does it solve?

If you're looking to make a big positive change you need an understanding of all the core parts of implementing and maintaining professional positivity. These Full Day Introduction Workshops can give you all the tools you need to make a difference in all four areas.


How does it work?

In these longer sessions, you'll be able to learn about and practise a few more techniques for The Magic Of Gratitude, Turning Problem Talk Into Solution Talk, The Building Blocks Of Motivation and Performance Maximisation. These workshops can be run with small teams or hundreds of staff.


How does it help?

These Full Day Introduction Workshops are like a utility belt for positive change. It will give you and your employees knowledge and skills you need to make your organisation a more positive place.

Looking to make a big shift into the world of positivity?
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